Warehousing & Distribution

Cross-docking applications can be a method for unforeseen and or enroute changes in deliveries and or to ensure your products hit the shelves on time. Consolidating freight can reduce costs, and cross-dock facilities may be an important piece to the puzzle. Richmond Logistics has access coast to coast of warehousing and distribution services. With our expertise in both warehouse management and transportation services creates the optimal solution.
Initiating supplier consolidation plans can reduce the amount of carriers at your facility, reduce line ups, waiting time and can dramatically reduce transportation costs. Through our years of experience, we have learned best practices to freight optimization, enabling us to maximize on the effectiveness of each inbound and or outbound shipment. We will even work with your suppliers to show them how to best package their product for trailer optimization and or the loading of trucks for delivery to the cross-dock, reducing labor costs during the consolidation and sorting process.
Our trans-loading capabilities, coupled with the cross-dock application, can help increase your speed to market, reduce on hand inventory and effectively move your product throughout the supply chain. With assets and people located in major intermodal hubs and ports, we can be be your one stop solution.
Utilizing our services can help you get through peak seasons and avoid the costs of leasing storage space all year round.
If you are in need of temporary/long term storage or require assistance with your distribution don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to assist you.